Doers of the Word

Live a full life by getting the Word to Work for You

What's Going On At Doers?

Men's Ministry: My Brother's Keeper- Vision: Developing men who are not just effective leaders in the church but strong fathers, husbands, and sons that walk out the Word of God.

We invite men of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life to come be a partaker of this life transforming ministry.  Each session consists of life topics and they are open forum so questions and comments are encouraged. Come get your spirit fed, receive practical teaching on real life issues,and forge lifelong fellowship with Kingdom men who are making an impact on their homes and communities.  See the Calendar of Events for meeting times. 

Visionary: Pastor Kevin Shelton


Teens' Ministry: TAPS (Teens Achieving Personal Success)- Vision: To give the youth a voice and teach them through scripture and experience how to grow into who God has predestined them to be

TAPS consists of youth ages 13-18 and they meet every Sunday at Doers at 10 am. They are challenged to use their voice and to pursue what God has predestined them to do both in life and in ministry.  As our future leaders both in and out of ministry, our youth have a platform through TAPS to find out at an early age their potential and to learn to tap into it. They also have outings and activities such as college visits, youth poetry expos, etc. that will be posted on the Calendar of Events as they are scheduled. 


Singles' Ministry: Single Red Rose- Vision: To teach women how to become whole in life, complete in Christ, and equipped for their future.

Singles meet every 1st Friday at 7:00 pm. Single Red Rose consists of women ages 18 and up who are seeking God for their purpose whether single or divorced. There is  teaching on how to prepare for marriage and patiently wait on God's best. Being single is not a curse or a punishment, it may be God allowing you to build a relationship with Him and become more like His son before you take on the ministry of marriage.

Visionary:Minister Torey Hill  


Intercession Ministry: Partus- Vision: To cultivate skillful prayer warriors who will help birth the Will of God into the Earth.

Our intercession ministry is not only a teaching ministry but it helps equip and activate those who have heard the call, those who just want to stretch in their prayer life and even those who aren't sure whether or not they are called to the ministry of intercession but just want to find out more what its about.  During these sessions we learn to take our prayer life to another level both inside and outside of the 4 walls. Partus is changing the world in a powerful way! Come be a part. We meet every 2nd Saturday at 11 am unless otherwise noted in the Calendar of Upcoming Events. 

Visionary:  1st Lady Tracy Shelton


Doers also has Leadership Classes every 1st Saturday at 11:00 am followed by Spiritual Warfare training at 12:00 pm.