Doers of the Word

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 Prophetess Trayce Russell

 Prophetess Russell mainly known for her singing has spent her life ministering to the lost, to the broken hearted, and to those who are wounded.  She has always had a special anointing and gift to bless the people of God.  Not only does she minister through song, but she is a mighty woman of God who CAN AND WILL PREACH THE WORD OF GOD! She is currently an associate minister of God’s Chosen Assembly Church Inc, under the leadership of Apostle Bertha F. Terry where she serves as the Minister of Music and is effective in other ministries of the church.

Pastor Angie Cleveland is a wife, pastor, intercessor, teacher, missionary, author, and Levite. She and her husband co-founded Faith 2 Faith Glory 2 Glory Ministries, serving as pastors and servant leaders, where their aim is, “Refreshing Love, Refreshing Life.”  Click on the link above to read the entire bio, see ministry events and find out how to purchase items such as her newly released book, cd's and t-shirts. Some of her music is featured on this site.

  Jared White has a passion to spread the message of love, hope, and peace through artistry and songwriting.  His mission is to write music from the heart of God that will draw humanity back to God.  Visit his website by clicking the link above for booking information and to purchase his cd Blameless.  Some of the music from the cd is featured on this site.

The New Sound of Praise! Bold, Energetic, Unashamed Choir Boi Cam has reinvigorated praise and worship music for the masses. Dubbed the New Prince of Praise Cam is ushering in a New Era of Gospel Music. For booking and purchasing information and to find out more about the "More Than Music" tour dates click the link above. A song off of the Warzone cd is featured on this site.

 The Kenny Smith is a minister, artist, songwriter, and musician who aims to teach and preach the message of salvation in Jesus Christ through being a living example.  He is the founder of Village of God, formed in 2005, and songs such as "Come In", "No Failure", and "All Around Me" were birthed out of this music ministry.  Click on the link above to visit his ministry page.